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Home | People | Enrico Perotti

Enrico Perotti

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Research field
Banking, Corporate Governance, Economic History, Law and Economics

Key publications

List of publications

Perotti, E. and Rola-Janicka, M. (2022). The Good, the Bad and the Missed Boom Review of Financial Studies, 35(11):5025–5056.

Perotti, E., Martynova, N. and Suarez, J. (2022). “Capital forbearance in the bank recovery and resolution game” Journal of Financial Economics, :.

Ahnert, T. and Perotti, E. (2021). Cheap but flighty: A theory of safety-seeking capital flows Journal of Banking and Finance, 131:.

Ahnert, T. and Perotti, E. (2019). Seeking Safety Review of Finance, :.

Almeida da Matta, R. and Perotti, E. (2019). Pay, Stay or Delay Quarterly Journal of Economics, :.

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