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Home | People | Menno Pradhan

Menno Pradhan

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Empirical Microeconomics
Development, Education, Health, Labor

Key publications

List of publications

Opoku Duku, S.K., Nketiah-Amponsah, E., Fenenga, ChristineJ., Janssens, W. and Pradhan, M. (2022). The effect of community engagement on healthcare utilization and health insurance enrollment in Ghana: Results from a randomized experiment Health Economics, 31(10):2120--2141.

Janssens, W., Pradhan, M., de Groot, R., Sidze, E., Donfouet, H.P.P. and Abajobir, A. (2021). The short-term economic effects of COVID-19 on low-income households in rural Kenya: An analysis using weekly financial household data World Development, 138:1--8.

Nakajima, N., Hasan, A., Jung, H., Kinnell, A., Maika, A. and Pradhan, M. (2021). Built to Last: Sustainability of Early Childhood Education Services in Rural Indonesia Journal of Development Studies, :.

De Ree, J., Muralidharan, K., Pradhan, M. and Rogers, H. (2018). Double for nothing? Experimental evidence on an unconditional teacher salary increase in Indonesia Quarterly Journal of Economics, 133(2):993--1039.

Berry, J., Karlan, D. and Pradhan, M. (2018). The Impact of Financial Education for Youth in Ghana World Development, 102:71--89.

Brinkman, S.A., Hasan, A., Jung, H., Kinnell, A. and Pradhan, M. (2017). The impact of expanding access to early childhood education services in rural Indonesia Journal of Labor Economics, 35(S1):S305--S335.

Pradhan, M., Suryadama, D., Beatty, A., Wong, M., Gaduh, A., Alishjabana, A. and Artha, R. (2014). Improving educational quality through enhancing community participation: results from a randomized field experiment in Indonesia American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 6(2):105--126.

Pradhan, M., de Ree, J. and Alessie, R. (2013). The price and utility dependence of equivalence scales: evidence from Indonesia Journal of Public Economics, 97:272--281.

Kruse, I., Pradhan, M. and Sparrow, R. (2012). Marginal benefit incidence of public health spending: Evidence from Indonesian sub-national data Journal of Health Economics, 31(1):147--157.

Barron, P., Kaiser, M. and Pradhan, M. (2009). Understanding variations in local conflict: Evidence and implications from Indonesia World Development, 37(3):698--713.

Pradhan, M. (2009). Welfare analysis with a proxy consumption measure: Evidence from a repeated experiment in Indonesia Fiscal Studies, 30(3/4):391--417.

Pradhan, M., Saadah, F. and Sparrow, R. (2007). Did the health card program ensure access to medical care for the poor during Indonesia's economic crisis World Bank Economic Review, 21(1):125--150.

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Pradhan, M. and Prescott, N. (2002). Social risk management options for medical care in Indonesia Health Economics, 11:431--446.

Pradhan, M. and Rawlings, L. (2002). The Impact and Targeting of Social Infrastructure Investments: Lessons for the Nicaraguan Social Fund World Bank Economic Review, 16:275--295.

Newman, J., Pradhan, M., Rawlings, L., Ridder, G., Coa, R. and Evia, J. (2002). An Impact Evaluation of Education, Health, and Water Supply Investments by the Bolivian Social Investment Fund World Bank Economic Review, 16:241--274.

Pradhan, M., Suryahadi, A., Sumarto, S. and Pritchett, L. (2001). Eating like which 'Joneses?' An Iterative Solution to the Choice of a Poverty Line 'Reference Group' The Review of Income and Wealth, 47(4):473--487.

van den Berg, G.J., van Ours, J.C. and Pradhan, M. (2001). Declining prices in the sequential Dutch flower auction of roses American Economic Review, 91:1055--1062.

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Pradhan, M., Ridder, G. and Rawlings, L. (1998). The Bolivian Social Investment Fund: An Analysis of Baseline Data for Impact Evaluation World Bank Economic Review, 12(3):457--483.

Pradhan, M. and van Soest, A. (1997). Household labor supply in urban areas of Bolivia Review of Economics and Statistics, 79(2):300--310.

Pradhan, M. and van Soest, A.H.O. (1995). Formal and Informal Sector Employment in Urban Areas of Bolivia Labour Economics, 2:275--297.

Pradhan, M., Newman, J. and Jorgensen, S. (1991). How did workers benefit from Bolivia's Emergency Social Fund? World Bank Economic Review, 5(2):367--393.