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Home | People | Joel van der Weele

Joel van der Weele

Research Fellow

University of Amsterdam
Research field
Behavioral Economics
Experimental Economics, Microeconomic Theory

List of publications

Thomas Buser and Leonie Gerhards and van der Weele, Joël. 2018. Responsiveness to feedback as a personal trait. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 56, 165--192, 0895-5646

Z. Grossman and van der Weele, J.J.. 2017. Self-image and willful ignorance in social decisions. Journal of the European Economic Association, 15, 173--217, 1542-4766

K.H. Schlag and J. Tremewan and van der Weele, J.J.. 2015. A penny for your thoughts: a survey of methods for eliciting beliefs. Experimental Economics, 18, 457--490, 1386-4157

R. Durante and L. Putterman and van der Weele, J.. 2014. Preferences for redistribution and perceptions of fairness: An experimental study. Journal of the European Economic Association, 12, 1059--1086, 1542-4766

van der Weele, J. and J. Kulisa and M. Kosfeld and G. Friebel. 2014. Resisting moral wiggle room: How robust is reciprocal behavior?. American Economic Journal. Microeconomics, 6, 256--264, 1945-7669

R. Galbiati and K.H. Schlag and van der Weele, J.J.. 2013. Sanctions that signal: an experiment. Journal of Economic Behavior \& Organization, 94, 34--51, 0167-2681

R. Dur and van der Weele, J.. 2013. Status-Seeking in Criminal Subcultures and the Double Dividend of Zero-Tolerance. Journal of Public Economic Theory, 15, 77--93, 1097-3923

van der Weele, J.. 2012. The signaling power of sanctions in social dilemmas. Journal of Law, Economics, \& Organization, 28, 103--126, 8756-6222