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Home | People | Bas Donkers

Bas Donkers

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Organizations and Markets
Econometrics, Health, Marketing

List of publications

Jonker,M.F. and Donkers,B. and de Bekker and Stolk,E.A.. 2018. Advocating a Paradigm Shift in Health-State Valuations: The Estimation of Time-Preference Corrected QALY Tariffs. Value in Health, 21, 993--1001

Jonker,M.F. and Donkers,B. and de Bekker and Stolk,E.A.. 2018. The Effect of Level Overlap and Color Coding on Attribute Non-attendance in Discrete Choice Experiments. Value in Health, 21, 767--771

Lim,S. and Jonker,M.F. and Oppe,M. and Donkers,B. and Stolk,E.A.. 2018. Severity-Stratified Discrete Choice Experiment Designs for Health State Evaluations. Pharmacoeconomics (Print), 36, 1377--1389

Donkers,B. and van Diepen,M. and Franses,P.H.B.F.. 2017. Do charities get more when they ask more often? Evidence from a unique field experiment. Journal of Socio-economics, 66, 58--65

Jonker,M.F. and Attema,A.E. and Donkers,B. and Stolk,E.A. and Versteegh,M.M.. 2017. Are Health State Valuations from the General Public Biased? A Test of Health State Reference Dependency Using Self-assessed Health and an Efficient Discrete Choice Experiment. Health Economics, 26, 1534--1547

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van Schie,R and Dellaert,B.G.C. and Donkers,B.. 2015. Promoting Later Planned Retirement: Construal Level Intervention Impact Reverses with Age. Journal of Economic Psychology, 50, 124--131

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Donkers,B. and van Diepen,M. and Franses,P.H.B.F.. 2009. Dynamic and Competitive Effects of Direct Mailings: A Charitable Giving Application. Journal of Marketing Research, 46, 120--133

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Donkers,B. and van Soest,A.. 1999. Subjective measure of household preferences and financial decision. Journal of Economic Psychology, 20, 613--642