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Introduction to TI research groups

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    Period 1 - Sep 04, 2023 to Oct 27, 2023
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Course description

These seminars run through the academic year blocks II-V.

In these seminars TI research fellows will introduce themselves, give a short overview of their research interests, and provide a short description of some ongoing key projects.

The seminar aims to (a) raise the visibility of all fellows, not only the visibility of those that teach in the first year; (b) bring students into contact with research topics where TI fellows are active and (c) improve the matching process between student and prospective supervisor, as students get a better perspective of what TI fellows do.
In total there will be around 25-26 presentations. No more than 2-3 hours per week.

The seminars are mandatory for all first year students. Participation will be checked through participation lists. Signing off for fellow students is considered fraud and will disqualify the signee for the 1 ECTS. Students are allowed to miss maximum 3 hours (after beforehand notification).

Students can sign up for short individual meetings after the seminar. Contact stolting@ese.eur.nl