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498 key alumni publications

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  • Gutierrez Puigarnau, E. and van Ommeren, J.N. (2011). Welfare effects of distortionary fringe benefits taxation: The case of employer-provided cars International Economic Review, :.
  • de Haan, M. and Plug, E. (2011). Estimating intergenerational schooling mobility on censored samples: consequences and remedies Journal of Applied Econometrics, 26(1):151--166.
  • Frank Windmeijer (2011). How important is pro-social behaviour in the delivery of public services? Journal of Public Economics.

  • Lindeboom, M., Bago D'uva, T., O'Donnell, O. and van Doorslaer, E. (2011). Slipping anchor? Testing the vignettes approach to identification and correction of reporting heterogeneity Journal of Human Resources, 46(4):875--906.
  • Diks, C., Panchenko, V. and van Dijk, D. (2011). Likelihood-Based Scoring Rules for Comparing Density Forecast in Tails Journal of Econometrics, 163(2):215--230.
  • Hu, A., Offerman, T. and Zou, L. (2011). Premium auctions and risk preferences Journal of Economic Theory, 146(6):2420--2439.
  • Marie, O., Machin, S. and Vujic, S. (2011). The Crime Reducing Effect of Education Economic Journal, 121:149--165.
  • Trautmann, S., Vieider, F. and Wakker, P. (2011). Preference Reversals for Ambiguity Aversion Management Science, 57(7):1320--1333.
  • van de Kuilen, G. and Wakker, P. (2011). The Midweight Method to Measure Attitudes towards Risk and Ambiguity Management Science, 57(3):582--598.
  • van Kippersluis, H., O'Donnell, O. and van Doorslaer, E. (2011). Long Run Returns to Education: Does Education lead to an Extended Old Age? Journal of Human Resources, 46(4):695--721.
  • Jacobs, B. (2011). Comment: Crime in Europe and the United States: Dissecting the {\textquoteleft}Reversal of Misfortunes' Economic Policy, 26(67):347--385.
  • van den Berg, G.J., Deeg, D., Lindeboom, M. and Portrait, F. (2010). The role of early-life conditions in the cognitive decline due to adverse events later in life Economic Journal, 120(548):F411--F428.
  • Boswijk, H., Franses, P.H. and van Dijk, D. (2010). Cointegration in a historical perspective Journal of Econometrics, 158(1):156--159.
  • Koopman, S. and Creal, D. (2010). Extracting a robust U.S. business cycle using a time-varying multivariate model-based bandpass filter Journal of Applied Econometrics, 25:695--719.
  • Fafchamps, M., Goyal, S. and van der Leij, M.J. (2010). Matching and network effects Journal of the European Economic Association, 8(1):203--231.
  • Leuven, E., Oosterbeek, H. and van der Klaauw, B. (2010). The effect of financial rewards on students' achievement: evidence from a randomized experiment Journal of the European Economic Association, 8(6):1243--1265.
  • Koopman, S., Mallee, M. and van der Wel, M. (2010). Analyzing the term structure of interest rates using the dynamic Nelson-Siegel model with time-varying parameters Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 28:329--343.
  • Gautier, P., van Vuuren, A.P. and Teulings, C. (2010). On the job search mismatch and efficiency Review of Economic Studies, 77(1):245--272.
  • Henri Dekker (2010). An empirical examination of goals and performance-to-goal following the introduction of an incentive bonus plan with participative goal setting Management Science.

  • Frank Windmeijer (2010). Incentives and targets in hospital care: Evidence from a natural experiment Journal of Public Economics.