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Leen Stougie

Research Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Game Theory, Mathematical Methods, Networks, Operations Research

List of publications

De Bontridder, K.M.J., Halldórsson, B.V., Halldórsson, M.M., Hurkens, C.A.J., Lenstra, J.K., Ravi, R. and Stougie, L. (2021). Local improvement algorithms for a path packing problem: A performance analysis based on linear programming Operations Research Letters, 49(1):62--68.

van den Broek d'Obrenan, A., Ridder, A., Roubos, D. and Stougie, L. (2020). Minimizing bed occupancy variance by scheduling patients under uncertainty European Journal of Operational Research, 286(1):336--349.

Bonifaci, V., Korteweg, P., Marchetti Spaccamela, A. and Stougie, L. (2008). An approximation algorithm for the wireless gathering problem Operations Research Letters, 36(5):605--608.

van den Broek, J.J.J., Schütz, P., Stougie, L. and Tomasgard, A. (2006). Location of slaughterhouses under economies of scale European Journal of Operational Research, 175(2):740--750.

Lu, X., Sitters, R. and Stougie, L. (2003). A class of on-line scheduling algorithms to minimize total completion time Operations Research Letters, 31(3):232--236.

Stougie, L. and Vestjens, A. (2002). Randomized algorithms for on-line scheduling problems : how low can't you go? Operations Research Letters, 30(2):89--96.

Stougie, L. (1999). Stochastic Decomposition European Journal of Operational Research, 112(1):245--247.

Marchetti Spaccamela, A., Rhee, W., Stougie, L. and van de Geer, S.A. (1992). Probabilistic analysis of the minimum weighted flowtime scheduling problem Operations Research Letters, 11(2):67--71.