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Home | People | Jan Heufer

Jan Heufer

Research Fellow

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Behavioral Economics
Experimental Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Risk And Uncertainty

List of publications

Heufer,J.P.M. and Hjertstrand,P.. 2018. Homothetic Preferences Revealed. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Heufer,J.P.M. and Hjertstrand,P.. 2017. Homothetic Efficiency: Theory and Applications. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 1--13

van Bruggen,P. and Heufer,J.P.M.. 2017. Afriat in the lab. Journal of Economic Theory, 169, 546--550

Heufer,J.P.M. and Hjertstrand,P.. 2015. Consistent Subsets: Computationally Feasible Methods to Compute the Houtman-Maks-Index. Economics Letters, 128, 87--89

Heufer,J.P.M.. 2014. Nonparametric Comparative Revealed Risk Aversion. Journal of Economic Theory, 153, 569--616

Heufer,J.P.M.. 2014. A Geometric Approach to Revealed Preference via Hamiltonian Cycles. Theory and Decision, 76, 329--341

Heufer,J.P.M.. 2014. Generating Random Optimising Choices. Computational Economics, 44, 295--395

Heufer,J.P.M.. 2013. Quasiconcave Preferences on the Probability Simplex: A Nonparametric Analysis. Mathematical Social Sciences, 65, 21--30

Heufer,J.P.M.. 2013. Testing Revealed Preference for Homotheticity with Two-Good Experiments. Experimental Economics, 16, 114--124

Heufer,J.P.M.. 2012. Testing for Utility Maximization with Error and the Loss of Power. German Economic Review, 13, 161--173

Heufer,J.P.M.. 2011. Stochastic Revealed Preference and Rationalizability. Theory and Decision, 71, 575--592