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446 key alumni publications

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  • van Giersbergen, N.P.A. and Kiviet, J. (2002). How to implement the bootstrap in static or stable dynamic regression models Journal of Econometrics, 108:133--156.
  • Kleibergen, F. and Paap, R. (2002). Priors, posterior odds and Bayes factors in bayesian analyses of coinegration Journal of Econometrics, 111:223--249.
  • Smith, R. and Boswijk, H. (2002). Finite sample and asymptotic methods in econometrics Journal of Econometrics, 111:135--140.
  • Offerman, T., Potters, J. and Sonnemans, J. (2002). Imitation and Belief Learning in an Oligopoly Experiment Review of Economic Studies, 96:973--997.
  • Bosman, R. and van Winden, F.A.A.M. (2002). Emotional Hazard in a Power-to-Take Experiment Economic Journal, 112:147--169.
  • van Veelen, M. (2002). An impossibility theorem concerning multilateral international comparison of volumes Econometrica, 70(1):369--375.
  • Frank Windmeijer (2002). Individual effects and dynamics in count data models Journal of Econometrics.

  • Boswijk, H. and Lucas, A. (2002). Semi-nonparametric cointegration testing Journal of Econometrics, 108(2):253--280.
  • Cox, J., Offerman, T., Olson, M. and Schram, A. (2002). Competition For vs On the Rails: A Laboratory Experiment International Economic Review, 43:709--736.
  • Goeree, J. and Offerman, T. (2002). Efficiency in Auctions with Private and Common Values: An Experimental Study American Economic Review, 92(3):625--643.
  • Franses, P.H.B.F. and Paap, R. (2002). Censored latent effects autoregression, with an application to us unemployment Journal of Applied Econometrics, 17:347--366.
  • Franses, P.H.B.F. and McAleer, M.J. (2002). Financial volatility: an introduction Journal of Applied Econometrics, 17(5):419--424.
  • Franses, P.H.B.F., van der Leij, M.J. and Paap, R. (2002). Modelling and forecasting level shifts in absolute returns Journal of Applied Econometrics, 17(5):606--616.
  • van Dijk, D.J.C., Franses, P.H.B.F. and Paap, R. (2002). A nonlinear long memory model, with an application to US unemployment Journal of Econometrics, 110(2):135--165.
  • Frank Windmeijer (2001). Two-part multiple spell models for health care demand Journal of Econometrics.

  • Paul den Hek (2001). On sustained growth under uncertainty International Economic Review.

  • Francesco Lippi (2001). Labour markets and monetary union: A strategic analysis Economic Journal.

  • Sonnemans, J., Oosterbeek, H. and Sloof, R. (2001). On the relation between asset ownership and specific investments Economic Journal, 111(474):791--820.
  • van der Klaauw, B. and van den Berg, G.J. (2001). Combining Micro and Macro Unemployment Duration Data Journal of Econometrics, 102(2):271--309.
  • Lindeboom, M. and Kerkhofs, M. (2000). Multistate models for clustered duration data - An application to workplace effects on individual sickness absenteeism Review of Economics and Statistics, 82(4):668--684.