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747 PhD Theses

  • 7 - Two case studies on manpower planning in an Airline

    Author: Peter Verbeek

    Supervisor: A.W.J. Kolen

    Defense date: May 30, 1991

  • 6 - Economic policy in a demographically divided world

    Author: Harry van Dalen

    Supervisor: Jo Ritzen

    Defense date: April 25, 1991

  • 5 - The two faces of interest. The problem of order and the origins of political economy and sociology as distinctive fields of inquiry in the Scottish Enlightenment

    Author: Rudi Verburg

    Supervisor: J.M.M. de Valk

    Defense date: April 25, 1991

  • 4 - Towards an effective use of relational Database Management Systems

    Author: Rob Buitendijk

    Supervisor: A.A.I. Holtgrefe

    Defense date: April 22, 1991

  • 3 - Liberté, Egalité, Rareté. The evolutionary economics of Léon Walras

    Author: Albert Jolink

    Supervisors: C.J. van Eijk, J. van Daal

    Defense date: April 04, 1991

  • 2 - Tourism and urban development. The impact of tourism on urban development: towards a theory of urban tourism, and its application to the case of Venice, Italy

    Author: Jan van der Borg

    Supervisor: L. van den Berg

    Defense date: February 14, 1991

  • 1 - Policy makers, voters and optimal control, estimation of the preferences behind monetary and fiscal policy in the United States

    Author: Otto Swank

    Supervisor: J.C. Siebrand

    Defense date: October 04, 1990